Who are we?

- A small team of creative minds in love with high fashion, timeless art and comfortable clothing.

What started as a small brand of elegant boxershorts fastly evolved into a bigger dream. Since then, had the chance to develop even more prints, a women's line, a sweatshirt collection. Our main value is to offer quality essentials fully made in Europe.

Our story


Our beginnings

The Sixtine's adventure began when Charles couldn't find the right underwear for his dynamic lifestyle and went in search of the perfect boxershorts. He eventually found the quality he desired in Portugal. With the help of valuable collaborators he met there, the first Sixtine's boxershorts were created with classic designs. Charles was also able to count on the help of those close to him to help him get started on this crazy adventure. 


Laura joins the team

As Sixtine's grew in popularity, it was important to expand the team to maintain the quality offered. That's when Laura joined the company as marketing director. She also introduced new original prints that were very successful and marked a new turning point in the history of Sixtine's.


Arrival of the women shorts

The team at Sixtine's realised that women tended to 'steal' their boyfriends' shorts without their knowledge. In order to contribute to household peace, Sixtine's decided to launch a collection of women boxershorts.


Arrival of the sweatshirts

As the boxershorts for men and women worked well, Sixtine's wanted to offer more choice while remaining in the homewear spirit. This is how the sweatshirt line was launched.


Deborah joins the team

As the new lines and collections accumulated, the logistics became more and more complex. Deborah joined Sixtine's as a sales manager to ensure quality service online and in our selling points

Our process


Creation of the prints

Our creative team draws about 30 new designs and illustrations for each collection.


Creation of the samples

The designs are tested on  fabric squares and optimized until they meet the Sixtine's requirements


Assembly of raw materials

Once the samples are validated by the team, we select our fabrics in Italy and the rest of the raw materials in Portugal and Belgium.


Product manufacturing

The clothes can then be manufactured in our ateliers in Portugal and Romania.


Product storage

The clothes are delivered to our warehouse in Belgium to be carefully packed in our eco-friendly boxes


Preparation and dispatch of orders

The Sixtine's team prepares the orders to be shipped either to your home or to one of its 125 selling points.

Our values

Made in Europe

Clothing made 100% in Europe

From design to production, everything is done in Europe (Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Romania).


Elegant homewear

Every Sixtine's product is designed to combine comfort and elegance.


30 new designs
per collection

The creative team of Sixtine's is passionate about high fashion and timeless art. Thanks to their vivid imagination, Sixtine's is constantly renewing itself.


certified clothing

Sixtine's chooses each raw material with great care in order to offer clothes that are resistant to time and go against fast fashion.