Boxer short, T-shirts, Sixtine's is the leading Belgian brand for men's underwear

Sixtine's : The leading Belgian brand for men's underwear

Founded by two brothers and their sister in 2012, Sixtine's was created following a simple observation: a notable absence of boxer shorts combining comfort, elegance and ease of care on the men's underwear market. Designing classic, chic, colorful and simple men's underwear legitimately became our ambition.

The Sixtine's adventure started in a store. The first to have placed its trust in us was Parachute Jump, located in the borough of Ixelles in Brussels. The following year, we had a presence in twenty stores. In 2014, our brand crossed the Kingdom's borders, and its first stop was the prestigious Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The Sixtine's brand's quality caught the eye of many professionals, and it is now exported to France, Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

The Sixtine's world and philosophy

Men's underwear has undeniable powers of seduction. The Sixtine's objective? Raising awareness among men about the importance of men's underwear. But not any old how. Far from commercial approaches based only on financial indicators and mass production strategies, the Sixtine's approach aims to be different. Our primary aim is to produce quality products that are in line with our tastes and preferences.

The Sixtine's core values are: honesty, integrity, attention to detail and quality.

Our collections

Every year, in February and August, Sixtine's renews its collections to offer boxer shorts that suit current trends and your tastes. Our ranges are continually expanded with newly-designed products to replace your men's underwear.  

All of our men's underwear is manufactured in sewing workshops in Portugal and have the OEKO-TEX® quality label.

Thanks to the quality of our know-how, we are expanding the Sixtine's brand's range by offering men's crew neck and V-neck undershirts made from Modal. Modal is a textile produced from a natural raw material: the fibre extracted from wood cellulose. It is durable, more breathable and softer than cotton, and tends to shed less, which means that your t-shirt will last longer.

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