Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Definitions

In these terms, the term "product" means any product offered for sale on this web site.

In these terms, the term "order" means the confirmation of the acquisition of one or more products by pressing the "order" button on this website.

In these terms, the term "purchaser" means any person who places an order on this website.

In these terms, the term "seller" means the private company with limited liability BECE Invest, listed on the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number 0845.294.325 and with his social headquarters based in 1200 Brussels, Rue de la Cambre 304 .

Article 2. Scope

These general sale conditions govern the orders made by the buyer. Every order implies the acceptance by the buyer of these terms and conditions.

Except as otherwise agreed in a written agreement between the buyer and seller, these conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions.

The modifications, however, can not be applied to orders already placed.

Article 3. Products

For an order, the designation, packaging, quantity and peculiarities will be specified for each product.

Photographs, videos, drawings and texts presenting the products do not constitute a binding commitment from the seller.

The products are conforming to the Belgian legislation. The seller is not responsible for non-compliance with the legislation of the country in which the goods are to be delivered. The seller is not liable for direct or indirect damages or injuries resulting from improper use or improper storage of the products.

Article 4. Orders

All orders are effective when the buyer, after selecting one or more products, presses the "order" button on this site.

When the buyer places an order, he concludes a sale contract subject to these terms and conditions. The buyer accepts these terms and conditions without reserves.

The seller will send an e-mail confirming the order. This confirmation constitutes the acceptance of the order and the sale contract.

Except exhausted stocks or unavailability of its services, the seller agrees to deliver the order.

At the time of the order, the seller shall specify the availability of products. If it appears after ordering that a product is unavailable, the seller will inform the buyer.

In this case, the buyer can modify his order or abandon the purchase.

Article 5. Price

All prices are in Euro and include all taxes except customs duties. Shipping fees are not included in the price.

The seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but cannot change the price of orders already placed.

Article 6. Delivery

The delivery time of an order starts with the receipt of the payment for this order. The delivery time is a minimum of 2 working days and maximum 6 working days.

The delivery time is for informational purposes only and may vary depending on stock availability and on the country in which the order must be delivered.

The seller is responsible for the exceeding of the delivery time if an order is not delivered within 30 days of receipt of payment.

Delivery is made to the address specified by the buyer at the time of order.

The shipping costs of an order may vary depending on the quantity of products, the objects of the order and the country in which the order must be delivered. The shipping costs are always specified when ordering.

In the absence of the buyer upon delivery of an order, the buyer shall notify the seller who will arrange a new delivery to the buyer's expense.

At the time of delivery of an order, the buyer confirms the delivery and compliance of the order and products, by signing the delivery note.

The seller's delivery obligations shall be suspended in cases of force majeure, such as strikes, lock-outs, floods, fires, embargoes, wars or terrorist attacks.

Article 7. Terms of payment

Upon confirmation of the order, the buyer is obliged to proceed by one of the means available on this website to the full payment of the price.

Article 8. Compliance

In the event that a product does not comply, the buyer may request replacement by an equivalent product or a refund.

The products should be stored in a dry place, not exposed to too high a temperature or a too intense brightness. No products damaged due to misuse or improper storage will be exchanged or refunded.

The purchaser at his own expenses must return non-compliant products to the seller. The products must be returned intact, unused and in their original packaging. Otherwise, no refunds or exchanges can take place.

Article 9. Retention of title/ownership

Until full payment of the order, the seller retains ownership of all products.

Article 10. Right of withdrawal and complaints

The buyer has the right to notify the seller to cancel his order, without any penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the ordered product.

If the buyer retracts, he returns the delivered goods to the seller, at his own expenses. The products must be returned intact, unused and in their original packaging. Otherwise, no refund will be made.

All complaints will be sent to the above address.

Article 11. Protection of personal data

The personal data of the buyer are used by the seller to process orders. In addition, the seller can send the buyer any product information.

In any case, the purchaser's personal data will not be communicated to third parties.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the buyer authorizes the seller to use and treat these data as described above. The buyer has a right of access and correction with respect to information concerning him. The exercise of this right takes place by email or post to the seller.

The buyer also has the right to refuse in writing to receive the information described above.

Article 12. Intellectual Property

All text, photographs, videos and drawings on this site are the exclusive property of the seller.

Any use may constitute an infringement, unless written consent of the seller.

Article 13. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general conditions are subject to Belgian law. In case of dispute, the buyer should first contact the seller for an amicable solution. Failing settlement, the courts of the judicial district of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.

Article 14. Termination and Suspension

In case of a serious breach of its obligations by the buyer, the seller has the right to suspend or terminate immediately the contract between them. The non-payment of amounts due or any harm done to the image or reputation of the products and of BECE Invest will be considered a breach justifying rescission of the sale contract.

Article 15. Proof

The records of the seller are considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the buyer and the seller.

Article 16. Entirety

The possible invalidity of any provision of these Terms shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.